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What are you saying to yourself? Could this be affecting the way your brain and body are working for you or against you?

In this video we talk about how to get into a more mindful state so you’re aware when your self talk is working against you rather than for you! When our thought world in not in alignment with how we want to be showing up, we need to catch those and redirect them and insert other, more kind and gentle things to ourselves so our brain goes to work in the other direction, the direction we really want, rather than the “unconscious” route that often sweeps us away in the current of numbness and out of alignment with who we want to be.

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Hi I'm Beckie!

Hi I'm Beckie!

I’m a licensed professional counselor and have been in private practice for the past decade. I am passionate about guiding people into the empowered, equipped person they were set on earth to be. My mission is to guide you on the path of healing to be unburdened, content and passionately living YOUR mission!

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