Beckie’s Thursday Thoughts #1

3 thoughts for today! One to serve YOU, one to serve OTHERS, and one to serve the WORLD.

Lean into vulnerability and learning. 

Perspective and empathy require vulnerability and resiliencing and you’re capable of it. It takes courage to truly reflect and ask yourself the good, hard questions, but it’s worth it. Choose to be still and reflect and find others stories to the story you’re currently telling yourself about your situation.

Lean into humility. 

Our ego is trying to preserve us and unfortunately in the process it seeks to eliminate gratitude, generosity and authenticity in it’s quest to keep us alive. But guess what, we can override that and CHOOSE humility which seems counterproductive to self preservation but it actually restores us into what our soul deeply wants which is to be known and truly know others and humility is a starting spot for that.

Lean into legacy.

Ask yourself, what do I want to be able to say to my child/grandchild when they ask what were you doing in 2020? How did you show up that year? What answer will you give them? Will it make you proud? It doesn’t have to be big, but I challenge you to choose actions and attitudes today that will leave a legacy you’re proud of.

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Hi I'm Beckie!

Hi I'm Beckie!

I’m a licensed professional counselor and have been in private practice for the past decade. I am passionate about guiding people into the empowered, equipped person they were set on earth to be. My mission is to guide you on the path of healing to be unburdened, content and passionately living YOUR mission!

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