5 Shifts to Get More into Alignment with your true self

Today we’re talking about a few little shifts to help you get more into alignment with who you were made to be. Things that will help you feel more confident and in control, even in the midst of a world where things clearly are out of control!

  • Become more self curious and less self critical. Who’s gonna feel good when you’re always criticizing and putting yourself down. That little voice that talks to you in your head says things I’m gonna wager to bet you would never say to your best friend or child. They wouldn’t want to be around you. Instead of allowing that harsh self talk to go on, get curious and start noticing what triggers it.
  • Instead of comparing and getting jealous, intentionally practice celebrating. Make a conscious concerted effort to be genuinely happy for another human being. Knowing that someone else has something that we want doesn’t mean there’s this limited amount of whatever that is and we should get jealous. Instead, take this as good news that it’s possible and celebrate that expecting that you’re next!
  • Shift your relationship with failure. I’m gonna wager to bet it’s not failure you’re afraid of it’s the MEANING you’ve put on the concept of failure that’s causing the problem. If we have harsh, hard, critical ideas and words tied to failure it’s going to affect the way we go for things. It’s not even the failure you’re afraid of, it’s what you’re going to make it MEAN. You don’t want to think those things about yourself, so you don’t want to run the risk of having the failure. BUT what if you changed the meaning around failure you might start taking some action.
  • Shift your relationship with the concept of worthiness. If you’re going through life with this unworthiness thing, you’re not going to get far. Shifting into believing that you’re worthy takes work and intention. A lot of times we can say it in our head, but it’s hard or impossible to get it to sink into our hearts. This is the stuff we cover in our LIVE EMPOWERED membership community (we’d love to have you! Learn more here)
  • The last shift is a BIG one. If you can start keeping the time “promises” you make to yourself you’ll gain traction and then momentum in trusting yourself. It’s a tiny betrayal each time you tell yourself you’re gonna do something and you don’t. That whittles away at your confidence and self-esteem.

Shift : make and KEEP promises to yourself.

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Hi I'm Beckie!

Hi I'm Beckie!

I’m a licensed professional counselor and have been in private practice for the past decade. I am passionate about guiding people into the empowered, equipped person they were set on earth to be. My mission is to guide you on the path of healing to be unburdened, content and passionately living YOUR mission!

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