3 Ways Your Ego is Sabotaging Your Peace!

Today let’s talk about real fear vs. ego fear and how your ego gets in the way! This ego fear can create unnecessary struggle and sabotage your confidence and peace!

The difference between real fear and ego fear is that ego fear is perceived threat. It is not necessarily an accurate read! Our brain is wired to keep us safe and it does that by mass grouping things and looking for sameness! We have to consciously work to make sure it’s not tricking us into unnecessarily “self preserving” in ways that will harm relationships and our peace. Watch my quick video here for 3 different ways our ego tricks us into perceiving threat when there really is not threat!

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Hi I'm Beckie!

Hi I'm Beckie!

I’m a licensed professional counselor and have been in private practice for the past decade. I am passionate about guiding people into the empowered, equipped person they were set on earth to be. My mission is to guide you on the path of healing to be unburdened, content and passionately living YOUR mission!

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